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  • Our Cuppa Fulleth

    Last week, we carried astory on how many Hindi films seem to copy western films. But GEHNA MEHRA disagrees and points out that Bollywood is increasingly overflowing with creative alt145New Age Cinemaalt39.

  • Anchored in uncertainty

    The wise ones know that there is no such thing as certainty, that even our next breath is forfeit, and so they live happy and free. The rest of us struggle vainly for certainty, for stasis, for an unchanging permanent state of affairs.

  • The truth of Aladdinalt39s magical lamp

    We all have heard a tale in the childhood. The character called Aladdin was a poor boy. One day he found a lamp in bad shape from scrap on the street.

  • The Omniscient Doctor

    Here is a question for patients – how would you feel if your doctor tells you that the diagnosis is uncertain, and that a work- up or even a discussion of your case with colleagues would be the next step? How would you feel if he or she does not

  • Malaysia: Truly Asia

    "Malaysia is a confluence of Asian cultures", says Kavita Wadhani.

  • Turning Points

    M. V. KAMATH says that It offers insight not only into an extraordinary personality but also a vision of how a country with a great heritage can become great in accomplishment, through effort, perseverance and confidence. (more…)


    Chitty Chitty Bang

  • And All Is Said

    P. P. RAMACHANDRAN This chronicle of a divorce foretold — unfolding like a Greek tragedy – is at once melancholic and majestic. The mother Shakuntala — a Hindu was part of the Kanpur- based Srivastava family, which benefit

  • In search of Mr Right

    ANKITA KANABAR She could be a combination of both hot and cute. After making a successful debut in Hindi cinema with alt39 Ishq Vishqalt39, things seem to be going pretty well for Shenaz Treasuryvala now. However, shes had a rough patch l


    LIPIKA VARMA Ace choreographer Farah Khan has proved time and again that talent matters, not size. alt39 Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padialt39, is Bela Sehgals first film as a director.

  • Going by the book

    Reading books is not totally passe. Young people are reading quite a lot of fiction. But sampling the books they mostly patronise, Tania Roy finds that they are of the  "fast- read&quot

  • The Rank GAME

    V GANGADHAR ponders on the new rank game that has begun in NCP, following the Presidential elections.

  • Lagerbay

    Quick Facts :

  • Engagements


  • Agony Aunt


  • Tv Needs A Clean Up Job?

    Not long ago, films granted UA certificate by the Censor Board used to be telecast on TV at prime time with abandon gay. Some UA films still get aired at prime time. alt39 Agneepathalt39 is the most recent example. But