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  • Hit by Poor rain Punjab seeks Rs. 800 crore from the centre

    Chandigarh, July 22 (IANS) With the elusive monsoon raising concerns for the agriculture sector, the Punjab government Sunday sought an interim relief package of Rs.800 crore from the central government.

  • Story Alike

    Many of the current and recent past Bollywood films seem to have disconcerting similarities with films from abroad. Is it acoincidence, wonders Surangama Guha.

  • Keeping leptospirosis at bay

    If its not bad enough that the rains refuse to arrive soon, we continue to face the risks of monsoon- linked diseases. And, besides the regular scourges that include typhoid, cholera, jaundice and other water- linked ailments, theres leptospirosi

  • The aura around us

    The human aura partakes of the essential qualities of the etheric, the astral, the mental and the spiritual forces of the individual, says RUBY LILAOWALA.

  • Flavoursome delicacies at Citrus

    Arguably the best coffee shop a la carte menus reminiscent of a café or bistro, the food is both visually stunning and imaginative, writes GITA HARI .

  • The Tattoed Fakir

    Biman Nath An imprint of Pan Macmillan Pages: 268; Price: Rs. 299 Northern Bengal; late eighteenth century. The new colonial rulers face an unlikely army of fakirs and sannyasis.

  • The Unravelling

    Pakistan in the Age of Jihad An imprint of Pan Macmillan Pages: 282; Price: Rs. 399 This groundbreaking history of Pakistans involvement with radical Islam places the blame on the rulers of the country, who thought they could use Islamic radicals

  • Loser

    Dipen Ambalia FingerPrint! Pages: 212; Price: Rs. 150 Whats common between outsourcing and Christopher Columbuss discovery of America? How are arranged marriages related to the Software Development Life cycle? For you to command better appraisals

  • Diet, Diabetes and You

    Dr. Shweta Rastogi Popular Prakashan Pages: 182; Price: Rs. 160 Do you have diabetes? Worry not! Here is a book that gives you simple guidelines and advice on how to lead a healthy and active life in spite of diabetes.

  • Turn on the different shades!

    Dubbed as alt39mummy pornalt39, the Fifty Shades trilogy, the new sensation on the literary scene in spite of all its flaws, keeps you hooked on till the very end.

  • Lives of Muslims in India

    The wide- ranging essays in this volume focus on the intensified exclusionary practices against Indian Muslims, highlighting how, amidst apolitics of violence, confusing policy frameworks on caste and class lines, and institutionalised riot

  • 3 SRKs clash with Salman

    Does it take three Shah Rukh Khans to try and match the power of Salman Khan? The King Khan will take on Sher Khan on August 15 when the promos of the Yash Chopra film tentatively titled alt39 Yeh Kahaan Aa Gaye Humalt39 will be aired on film scr


    After alt39 Jannat 2alt39, Esha Gupta is now acting in Prakash Jhas alt39 Chakravyuhalt39.” It was really amazing to be offered a role by director Prakash Jha. No sooner did I get the offer than I consulted Mahesh Bhatt, who was instrumental in h