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  • Agony Aunt

    Dr. Anjali Chhabria Answers Personal Queries.

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  • Our Sita has grown up! She can walk alone without a man!

    The second phase of Ramayana has Sita as the main protagonist. Sitas lone, long journey through life, struggle with poverty, bringing up children in adversity are such stuff true heroism is made of and should inspire millions of women. C V BHUV

  • Childhood Seizures & Epilepsy

    The human brain has billions of electrically excitable cells – neurons. When abnormal electrical activity in a number of neurons synchronises, it results in a seizure, often referred to as a ” fit”. It usually manifests with abnormal uncontrolled

  • Who am I?

    The very first thought that vividly dominates an infant childs consciousness is the awareness of alt39 Ialt39. The last thought that goes out of the brain at the moment of death is also that of alt39 Ialt39. During the intervening years between t


    The students of a management institute Ialt39m connected with have moved into overdrive. Its placement time at the campus, which, as far as they are concerned, is the reason why theyalt39re here. Grades not withstanding, everyone knows that the r

  • Go out and explore this Monsoon

    Prerna Pandey takes us on a mesmerising ride to these monsoon escapades nestled amidst the lap of nature.

  • In love with Afghanistan

    Excerpts of the interview: What made you write a non- fiction book on Afghanistan when the market is already flooded with so many? Having worked in Afghanistan for over six years as an international advisor on governance, I thought of undertaking

  • Zohra Segal


  • Music as a weapon

    Debutant director Manish Manikpuri is very optimistic about his first Bollywood venture, alt39 Aalaapalt39, which offers a music- inspired solution to the naxal problem in Chhatisgarh.

  • Agent turns baddie!

    At present, Saif Ali Khans playing the cute lover boy in alt39 Cocktailalt39, but soon you will be able to see the other side of this Khan.

  • Gunning down!

    SHIVANI JOSHI She played a rebel in alt39 F. A. L. T. U.alt39 and now Puja Gupta has the license to kill, but only onscreen! Her next movie, alt39 Go Goa Gonealt39, has her portraying a tomboyish role and the actress is all set to explore

  • In Tune with the Body

    Awareness about fitness has revolutionised the wellness sector in the country today.

  • VLC: Play Any Video File Format on Android

    MX Video, and Wondershare are our favorite Video playback apps on Android. They support variety of video formats and with the right ARM codec, it plays smooth with Hardware acceleration too.

  • Agony Aunt

    Dr. Anjali Chhabria Answers Personal Queries.