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  • Agony Aunt

    Dr. Anjali Chhabria Answers Personal Queries.

  • Rain Forests

    Quick Facts

  • And the band plays On

    People in India were introduced to brass band music first in Calcutta ( now Kolkata), then capital of British Indian Empire in 1750. Centuries later, the Jaipur Kawa Brass band has been invited by the British Council to perform during the Olympic

  • Yoga of the mind

    Throughout history, mankind has sought to attain many things, but above all there has been the desire for spirituality. Every human being is a part of the Supreme, a part of the ever sparking pure, loving jewel of light and as such, yearns to con

  • Life with Diabetes

    DR. Manoj Chadha shares with us basic information about diabetes.

  • Share and Share Alike

    The money should be used to breed independence, not dependence. To enable people to stand on their own feet, not be dependant forever on dole, writes SUMA VARUGHESE.

  • Lunch Buffet at Sigree

    Dig into the delights of slow cooked food in this beautiful new restaurant, Sigree, which is just off the Bombay- Pune route at Vashi, writes RHEA MITRA.

  • Barnabas

    Sangeeta Nambiar Published by Westland Price: Rs. 250 British India. The summer of 1942.

  • Spies Commissars: Russia and the West in the Russian Revolution

    Robert Service Pan Macmillan Price: Rs. 450 In the immediate aftermath of the Russian Revolution, the Western powers were anxious to prevent the spread of Bolshevism across Europe. Lenin and Trotsky were equally anxious that the communist vision

  • Once Upon a Hill

    Kalpish Ratna Harper Collins India Price: Rs. 499 How do you find something hidden in plain sight? Begin in a village named for an epidemic, witness an exorcism, and enter a labyrinth. Emerge with a mirage and meet a curious cartographer.

  • Poor Little Rich Slum

    Rashmi Bansal & Deepak Gandhi Westland Price: Rs. 250 One million little Indian entrepreneurs.

  • Breaking Out

    This brave and moving memoir, written with anovelists skill at evoking personalities, tells acompelling and thought- provoking human story that will resonate with readers everywhere.

  • alt39Discipline is important alt39

    ANKITA KANABAR When Prachi Desai first ventured into films, she was criticised for being slightly on the healthier side, although now she seems super fit and stylish. Is there any fitness routine that she follows? ” There isnalt39t just o

  • Superstition at convenience

    SHIVANI JOSHI Both Bollywood and sports share unique superstitions – a favourite jersey, a lucky number, an auspicious spelling for names, etc. So, it is not unusual for film stars to add a letter or a letter from their names to boost thei

  • Genelia gains weight?

    Genelia Dalt39Souza appeared on the arm of her husband Ritesh Deshmukh at the sangeet ceremony for Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani. She looked glamorous in a lovely red blouse and golden lehenga with a red border. However, there were those who wond

  • Not a remake, but my take

    SHIVANI JOSHI Sajid Khan is remaking the 1983 Jeetendra- Sridevi hit alt39 Himmatwalaalt39. At least thats what everyone is reporting. However, Sajid Khan disagrees.

  • alt39People have been kind alt39