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  • R Gopalakrishnan

    ‘Indian managers must always recall the face of the poorest man’

    But the everyday stories that make up the new book by R Gopalakrishnan, Executive Director with Tata Sons, draw deep lessons for manager and worker alike. In this Q&A with Business Editor Jagdish Rattanani, the manager-teacher-author says that the Indian manager is looking to integrate his roots with modern management. Gopalakrishnan’s book releases in Mumbai on Monday:


    Consultant psychiatrist Dr Milind Joshi talks about the problems that students face today and how understanding psychology can help

  • News bites

    Survey of working of various departments in Mantralaya Students of K C Law College, Mumbai under the guidance and initiative of their principal Dr Ashok Yende, are conducting a socio- legal survey with respect t various departments in Mantralaya.

  • Socially yours

    Socially yours I am interested in pursuing a career in social work. I have just completed my BA. — Karishma Sharma Dear Karishma, If you wish to make a career in working with communities, spreading awareness on social issues and conducting advoca

  • Counsel queries

    Dear readers, Many times you may have questions related to career guidance that you are not certain whom to ask. We now have a space here for your benefit. If you have a question relating to a course, an entrance exam or the prospects and require

  • In the field

    Meenakshi Mashru, pathologist, Rudhira Laboratory, Mumbai ‘While most laymen associate pathologists with diseases and the dead, the fact of the matter is that we make decision of life and death everyday, usually without ever meeting the patient.

  • An aspirant asks

    Rupal Rathod, FYJC science student, Wilson College I am interested in science research, and have read up widely on microbiology to become a pathologist in the future. My only concern is that are there any means to acquire an internship during the

  • Salaries offered

    A forecast report published by ASSOCHAM reveals that the industry is projected to grow 23 per cent per annum to touch approximately alt39alt39alt39alt393,500 billion by the end of this year. The jobs advertised are for those who have completed a

  • The job market

    While specialised talent is critical for any knowledge industry, it is more so within the field of pathology.

  • To get there

    Courses in the field of pathology are being offered by a number of medical colleges and universities in Mumbai. Most of them generally conduct courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate degree levels. Those candidates, who have completed 10+ 2

  • A student says

    GS Medical College Pathology requires an inquisitive nature and a voracious appetite for knowledge.

  • Sector overview

    Phenomenal growth patterns have led the Indian healthcare industry to be a serious contender in the global healthcare leadership race. The healthcare industry that comprises delivery, diagnostics, imaging and equipment sectors has witnessed a par

  • Feedback

    Physiotherapy options This refers to the article alt39 Restoring movementsalt39 ( Knowledge, June 18). Earlier, physiotherapists could not prefix their names with the title of alt39 Doctoralt39. This was the situation few years back.

  • VITs STARS scheme kicks off

    VIT University is the first private engineering university with a 100 per cent placement record; the first to have a student with a Limca Book of Record and the first to introduce a support programme for rural students.

  • A ray of hope

    With the cut- offs being low in the different quotas in colleges, students see hope is securing admission to the college of their choice

  • Part- time jobs

    Digital Media Marketing and Finance Company name: I Am She. It is the company is responsible to send Indian entries to the Miss Universe pageant since 2010.