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    Be a scientist for a day!

  • All India Entrance Test ( AIET)

    What? The All India Entrance Test 2012 ( AIET 2012) is conducted for selection of candidates for admission to various Health Science courses conducted in constituent colleges of this university, situated in its campus at Nerul, Navi Mumbai. The M


    In case you havenalt39t noticed, the world is going through a seismic change. No one can say what the human experiment will look like on the other side, but it could be reasonable to say that the badly educated will suffer.


    The National Eligibility Test conducted for awarding lectureship across the country, does away with lengthy answers

  • Recognise the signs

    If you are getting signals from yourself that the job you are at is no longer the correct fit, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee Be prepared

  • Animation programmes

    My son has appeared for class 12 with commerce. He had opted for maths as a subject at that level.

  • English via correspondence

    Ialt39m a 30- year- old housewife. I have done my graduation in English, and wanted to opt for MA and CS, but started work after the final year exams, after which I worked in the BPO sector for seven years. Now, I want to know what part time or

  • Architecture and design

    I have done my bachelors in architecture. I want to do my postgraduation, but am very confused about my choices. I am very keen to keep my base in design and architecture rather than any specialisation, so I want to opt for Theory and Design at C

  • Counsel queries

    Dear readers, Many times you may have questions related to career guidance that you are not certain whom to ask.

  • Aptitude check

    . Do you have an academic bent of mind along with logical and analytical aptitude? . Do you possess a certain degree of numerical ability? . Will you be able to develop the ability to communicate in both, figures, data and words? . Do you have a


    From the days of Kautilya and his Arthashastra ,economics has been key in social, political and overall growth. In the view of modern development, it becomes even more essential. REENA JHAVERI gives you the career lowdown on it

  • Look out!

    It is the time of the year when students are running around for internships that they can pursue over the summer. Since the last couple of years, students have become alert and prefer to gain essentials skills and experience ( even if they are

  • Feedback

    A half- baked idea

  • A traditional chant

    Achyut Railkar takes you on ajourney that focuses on the evolution and the offering of Sanskrit -alanguage that has influenced many modern day languages

  • Virtual v/ s real

    Since online education has gained tremendous popularity the world over in the last decade, Indian institutes are not far behind in offering online courses to students. The beauty of online education, though, is that there is no geographic para

  • Copy cat

    In recent times


    Trends In many classes ( or subjects) in higher education, evaluation is on the basis of an exam. However, many instructors are doing away with it, much to the managements dislike. Do we really need exams, asks NEHA SHAH


    Arecent incident in the US has opened up many eyes to the harsh realities of teacher behaviour. “Not all of them are saints,” say students. PRITI BOTADKAR does areality check



  • alt39Morkelalt39s penultimate overturned the gamealt39

    Morne Morkels penultimate over, which yielded just three runs and a wicket, helped table- toppers Delhi Daredevils snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, said a disappointed Rajasthan Royals captain Rahul Dravid after his side slumped to an unex