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    The new IITs will not be able to hand out degrees to their graduating students if the parliament does not approve them on time

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    Company Secretary results for December 2011 exams declared


    ( CONTINUED FROM PG 1) With parental supervision, it should not create much problem,” says Vaishali Parekh, whose son Harsh has just been promoted to class 10 ICSE at Activity High School. ” There are plenty of activities for teenagers ava

  • All in one mind

    Daniel Kahneman, the author of Think Fast and Slow with Amos Tversky made economics and other disciplines a lot more realistic for the general public, and tougher for economists, researchers and students. Even today, the subject of behavioural de

  • Engineering degrees

    I want to know difference between MTech and MS. Which option is better? – Bharat Bharadwaj Dear Bharat, First, you have to realise that the degree title that you have asked for does not pertain to one specific field of study. So, it is applicable

  • Counsel queries

    Dear readers, Many times you may have questions related to career guidance that you are not certain whom to ask.

  • Hospital administration

    I have completed my BDS ( dentistry). I want to know about hospital management and hospital administration. Which course would be better – MBA in Hospital Management or Masters in Hospital Administration? – Ankur Thadani Dear Ankur, The focus of

  • Make every minute count

    At any workplace, there are hectic days and light days. In some professions, there are actually what one calls alt39 lullalt39 periods.

  • Step- by- step!

    Interested in making others dance to your tunes? Consider a career in choreography, says Reena Jhaveri


    It is evident that awomans role is evolving, as she transitions to fields that were traditionally considered out of her league. The credit goes to education, which, in adeveloping country is one of the most effective ways of creating confide

  • AP tests come to India

    A dvanced Placement ( AP) Tests are a set of tests that students take to gain advantage over other applicants when applying to universities across the world. These tests are now to be administered in India. The first of these exams will be held o

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    Budget expectations

  • “ Captain your difficulties”

    Students and faculty members of KPB Hinduja College were in for a treat last week, with the once- in – a- lifetime opportunity to interact with former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.


    Personality development camp for Dalmia students


    The world alt39 internalt39 just automatically implies eager college students who become multitaskers in any office, filling in the gaps for the staff members. Well, it is partly true, you have to be eager. But you donalt39t just have to do what

  • Is engineering going the management way?

    Last week it was management, now engineering. The AICTE has received requests from several states to reject fresh proposals to start engineering colleges


    Armed with an expert panels report that says ” Small is beautiful and disaster is imminent in larger systems,” the University Grants Commission ( UGC) is pushing for splitting large universities like Mumbai University and University of Pune, into


    Should teenagers ( or those under 18) be allowed to put up profiles on social websites? Knowledge presents the debate

  • “ We will see better traction now”

    Suresh Agarwal, Executive Vice President, Head – Distribution and Strategic Initiatives, Kotak Mahindra Old Mutual Life Insurance, speaks to Anju Yadav