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  • News bites

    E- Week at Atharva College

  • Communicating right

    I am in final year BMM. I want to know about any field that is concerned with presentation skills and stage- talk. Do you think postgraduation in HR can help? What are the fields ( in mass communication or otherwise) that would emphasise more on

  • Maths by correspondence

    I want to give MSc Math by correspondence. Please suggest me any university in Maharashtra.

  • Cook it up!

    I am in FYBCom. I would like to become a chef. Which institution should I join? – Chetana Kumar

  • Counsel queries

    Dear readers, Many times you may have questions related to career guidance that you are not certain whom to ask.

  • A little off

    If you feel you are being bad mouthed by someone at your new work place, worry not.


    If you want a birds- eye view of the world, literally, and want to be paid for it, consider a career as a pilot, says REENA JHAVERI


    Carleton Universitys MoU with Amity University

  • Advances in medicine

    Lots of new research findings presented and shared among scholars at Amity Universitys inernational conference

  • Vocational academics

    International conference by the NIOS with UNESCO &COL

  • Feedback

    For the love of art


    If students missed any exam during the year for a genuine reason, they have a chance to reappear, finds BINITA MEHTA

  • Dial for help

    Troubled times

  • Dhoom, the equaliser

    Buzz is that while Salman Khan has been offered alt39 Dhoom 4alt39, Shah Rukh Khan will play the baddie in alt39 Dhoom 5alt39. Hard to agree, but some overambitious wag at Yash Raj Films inform us that Boss ( Aditya Chopra) cracked the impossible