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5 life lessons Tests and ODIs give us that IPL never can!


The IPL fever is on an all-time high, with the final to be played between Rising Pune Supergiant and Mumbai Indians on Sunday. But, for those who grew up in the 80s and 90s, Tests are ODIs are still the real versions of cricket. And why not? After all, the traditional formats taught so much about life, something which IPL perhaps never can.

Patience: This is a key virtue, which often comes to the fore, be it in 100 overs of an ODI or over five days of Tests, unlike IPL, which is mostly about slam-bang batting. Tests and ODIs present players with various challenges and dealing with it needs fortitude among other qualities. And the patience shown by a cricketer often pays off in the form of rich rewards. It’s a life skill that perhaps matters most in cricket, especially in Tests. Batsmen can bat for long hours while bowlers can keep pegging away, playing on the batsmen’s patience.

Cheteshwar Pujara_ India vs Sri Lanka

Slow and steady approach: Unlike in IPL, one cannot go on an all-out attack in Tests and ODIs. There is a methodical approach to be taken. In case of loss of wickets, batsmen need to be cautious and take their time. When the field in spread out, they need to build an innings, get their eyes in and wait for the right opportunity to come. Similarly, bowlers need to slow down things in case batsmen are on a roll. They need to maintain a steady line and length to balance the contest.

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Risk Taking: This is a very significant aspect of cricket. In Tests, a batsman needs to take risks and break the shackles in case a team has got stuck in a rut. But, this has to be done carefully as it shouldn’t end up being reckless. The batsman needs to find a fine balance between attack and defence. In ODIs too, the Power Play overs are the ones in which batsmen need to go for the big shots. Again, this needs to be done keeping mind that wickets are not lost to irresponsible shots. Risk taking is an equally important aspect of our professional lives too.

Virendra Sehwag

Going for the kill: Knowing when to break free is so crucial. If a batting team has put itself in a good position in ODIs by building up a steady pace and preserving wickets, they will be in a great position to go on an all-out attack towards the end. In Tests, batsmen can take advantage of tired bowlers in case they have worn them off by batting steadily for a long period of time. In life too, one must be aware of the right time to push open the door of opportunity.

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Glenn McGrath

Consistency: This is particularly important if you are a bowler. Legends like Glenn McGrath and Courtney Walsh built great careers, but maintaining nagging consistency in their line and length, and thus frustrating batsmen into making mistakes. Even when the going is tough, great bowlers don’t waver from their strengths and are eventually rewarded. A consistent approach can lead to success in daily life too.

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