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Yatra of Lord Jagannath held


Ujjain : The procession of Lord Jagannath was held in the city amid drum beats and holy fervor. Hundreds of people participated in the procession held by ISKCON at Budhwariya and the Kahti community from Kartik Chowk. The community has been conducting the event for the nearly 114 years.

Kahti community members performed arti at the Jagdish Temple in Kartik Chowk and later placed  idols of Lord Jagdish, Balbhadra and Subhadra in a decorated chariot. The yatra started from Kartik Chowk and travelled through Danigate, Dhabaroad, Teliwada, Kanthal Square, Gopal Mandir and returned to the Jagdish Temple.

ISKCON also took out its 12th JagnnathYatra from Budhwariya at 2pm. The devotees mopped the pathway with broomsticks and pulled the chariot with ropes. The procession travelled through most of the main squares and roads like Kanthal square, Naisada, Doulatganj, Malipura, Dewasgate, Chamundamata square, Tower Chowk, Teenbatti square and reached the ISKCON temple. The procession was welcomed by many social organisations at many places of the city. According to the ISKCON spokesperson, social and cultural programmmes will also be organised for the next seven days.

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