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World No Tobacco Day Tobacco changes genes affecting coming generation of consumers


BHOPAL :  India spends Rs 352 million in controlling the use of tobacco despite which every hour 114 people succumb to tobacco and in Bhopal the rate has been estimated to reach 85,000 in coming two years by Global Adults Tobacco Survey, if the use of tobacco products is not controlled.

In Madhya Pradesh, 39.5 per cent of adults consume tobacco, among which 58.5 per cent are males and 19 per cent are females. About 330 people start consuming tobacco everyday. During a recent survey in Bhopal, conducted by Bhopal Runners, it was found that the number of females consuming tobacco and tobacco products is higher than the males and similar revelations were made in the WHO Global Tobacco Epidemic report, which stated that the percentage of tobacco use among women is increasing and in India about 17 per cent rise has been seen.

The Voice of Tobacco Victims, an NGO working for making tobacco victims face of anti tobacco campaign and stopping the use of tobacco by bringing the victims of tobacco in public, conducted a survey in MP and found that the use of tobacco is not only claiming life of the user but is also effecting the coming generation too. Tobacco makes partial change in the genes of the person and thus affects the progeny too. It is also causing impotency in males and reducing reproduction in females.

Dr Lalit Shrivastav, patron, VOTV said that cancer is the major disease that claims highest number of lives in India and also stated that it is a misconception that tobacco causes only cancer. “After cancer, lungs and blood related disease are the most common to be found among people consuming tobacco”, said Shrivastav.

WHO named the theme of 2016, World No Tobacco Day as ‘Plain Packaging’ which states the use of 85 per cent pictorial representation on the packaging of tobacco products and also determined the size of alphabets to be used in the packaging. Plain packaging is an important demand reduction measure that reduces the attractiveness of tobacco products, restricts use of tobacco packaging as a form of tobacco advertising and promotion. In India, COTPA (Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act) regulates the consumption of tobacco.

 In MP and particularly Bhopal, the laws of COTPA have been found to be violated to which even Bhopal Collector agreed and confessed that Bhopal needs high monitoring in respect of tobacco use.

Special rally on Tobacco Awareness

Bhopal runners have organized a rally on World No Tobacco day from TT Nagar Stadium at 7am, along with several NGOs and district administration to create awareness in masses about the ill effects of tobacco. The rally will also include several activities to increase the participation of public. The flagging off of the tobacco control squads will also take place in the rally.