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Suspense over death of 6-yr-old continues


BHOPAL : Suspense continues to loom large over the death of 6-year-old Atia in Koh-e-Fiza as the postmortem report has not been handed over to the police so far.

Atia, 6, reportedly committed suicide a couple of days ago. The police sensed something fishy and convinced the parents for a postmortem. But because of Holi and Rangpanchamai holidays, the report has not been handed over the police so far.

However, the police out rightly rejected the theory of suicide, stating a six-year-old girl could not commit suicide by hanging herself.

In fact, all four sisters – Atia (6), Kumsum (12), Kushbu (14) and Anam (18) were watching TV in their neighbour’s house, when their mother told them that she was just returning from the market. Anam sent Atia to bring something from the storeroom. When she did not return, Kumsum went and saw Atia hanging.

SHO Koh-e-Fiza Anil Vajpayee said, “I had personally gone to the medico legal department, Gandhi Medical College to collect the report but the director refused to hand it over. So we are not in a position to make any comment whether it was suicide or murder, till the police has a report.”

SP Arvind Saxena said, “It is not possible for a six-year-old girl to commit suicide by hanging herself. Main thing is in the PM report.”

45 times or ‘4,5 times’ rape by govt school teacher?

Police call it typo error

BHOPAL : Whether an 11-year-old girl was raped 45 times or ‘4, 5 times’ by prime accused government primary school assistant teacher is a mystery.

However, accused teacher Mohan Singh has already been sent to judicial remand in this case. But if any one goes through the FIR by the police, it has been mentioned that the girl was raped 45 times from December till the date when the FIR was lodged.

MP Commission for Protection of Child Rights (MPCPCR) chairman Raghvendra Sharma visited the police station (Awadhpuri) and then the police tired to clarify that it was a typing error.

However, Mohan Singh had been sexually abusing the 11-year-old for the last four months and it was only on March 15, that it came into light and then the police lodged an FIR.

Commission chairman Raghvendra Sharma said, “When I came to know about such kind of things, I personally visited Awadhpuri police station. I went through the FIR in which it has been mentioned that the girl was raped 45 times. But the police clarified it is ‘4,5times’, calling it a typing error. But the police should be careful while drafting an FIR otherwise, it becomes a blunder as it happened in this case.”

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