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‘State govt sitting on Tendu leaf pluckers’ Rs 500 crore’


BHOPAL :  The state government has not distributed the tendu leaf pluckers’ bonus of Rs. 308 crore and is using the amount. .

Congress leader Bhupendra Gupta said that from year 2006 to year 2013 the tendu leaf pluckers’ bonus was Rs 308 crore and now it had crossed the Rs 500 crore mark.

He also alleged that the tendu leaf pluckers committee is entitle to get the profit of forest products, like honey, mahua, herbs and many other products, but they are only paid the tendu leaf plucking.

In the year 2012 the state government had decided that 70 percent of profit from the forest products and from tendu leaf plucking will be given to pluckers. The rest 30 percent was divided into two parts, 15 percent will spend on afforestation, training, construction of store house and 15 percent will be spent on village infrastructure. This amount will be spent according to committee recommendations.

But the state government had changed the law and empowered the forest production association and forest department to spend the amount of 30 percent according to their wishes, he alleged.