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Praharis deployed elsewhere to be sent back to jail


Mehdale seeks list

BHOPAL: The number of Praharis, posted at the bungalows of ministers and officers, will be reduced. Jail minister Kusum Mehdale has called a list of Praharis posted at Central Jail, Bhopal. The list would be scrutinised and those Praharis, which are found not necessary will be sent back to jail on duty. Mehdale said extra Praharis will be sent back to jail duty. She said no officer will have more than two Praharis on duty.

Out of 160 Praharis posted at jail, around 80 Praharis are posted on duty in service of ministers and officers. With the revelation of this fact, there is sensation in the department.

There are many Praharis who are on duty in service of ex-ministers and officers of the department. Mehdale has asked to call back all such Praharis.

With Praharis duty at bungalows than jail, the safety of jails is getting affected. After the incident of jail break, it has come to the fore that Praharis in jail are short as they are deputed for doing house-hold works and guarding houses of influential persons.