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Lecture on Indo-China relations held


Bhoj varsity V-C Kanhare heaps blame on Nehru

BHOPAL : Pragya Prawah organised a public lecture on ‘Indo-China Relations’ at Central Library on Saturday. Ravindra Kanhare, V-C of Bhoj Open University said, “The relations between the two nations are under influence of 1962 war and the reason for us to lose the battle was repeated mistakes by then PM Jawaharlal Nehru.”  Kanhere further said, “Home minister Sardar Patel had predicted the impending threat from China and had warned Nehru of it but the latter did not pay heed to him.”

He also highlighted the pathetic condition of ordinance factories of the time where soaps and oil were being manufactured instead of weapons. Our army fought the war with its courage as it was not even equipped with proper weapons and shoes, he said. Nehru once said the part of Aksai China for which we had waged war was a place which held no importance in terms of agriculture, which was an unfortunate statement, Kanhere said.

Kanhere regretted, “Our national character is not as strong as it should be, because we have so far failed to boycott Chinese products.”

Anoop Swaroop, V-C of Jagran Lakecity University said, “In the decade of 1950 we were a string nation.

We had favourable condition for business and we would export materials to China unlike now when we are growing as an importer. China has undergone a complete transformation, which is why almost half of the world is using Chinese products while we are lying stagnant.”

Citing the message of Mao, founder of China, he said Mao had always stressed power which emanated from the gun. Mao had said he only needed space to stand and he would shake the world, said Swaroop.