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Khanugaon residents confront Citizen Forum members


BHOPAL : The members of Citizen Forum faced the brunt of Khanugaon residents, when they went there to inspect the retaining wall constructed on Upper Lake on Sunday. The retaining wall is being constructed by Bhopal Municipal Corporation.

On the other hand the villagers opposed the Forum’s claim and asked them to leave the village area. They also alleged that the forum wanted to shatter their houses and trying to make them homeless.

They alleged that the retaining wall is need of the area, during the monsoon season, the water almost enters the area and creates water logging situation. The families and the children are not safe in the season.

The president of the forum Harish Bhavnani and other members visited the area. Bhavnani told Free Press that the construction is irrelevant as the Full Tank Level is much nearer towards the village and the construction is being done in current water level, which is too far in the lake area.

The current construction will reduce the Upper Lake area, which will upset the ecology and also the open space, which can be encroached latter.

He also added that the VIP road is itself a retaining wall, the new construction is waste of money and harm for lake ecology.

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