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Bhopal: Fire chars timber worth Rs 30 lakh


BHOPAL: Inferno gutted stock of timbers worth Rs 30 lakh at Mubark Timber in old city late on Saturday night. Nearly two score fire brigades were pressed into service to douse the fire even as it could have turned into a major mishap with a   petrol pump just hard by.

Mubark Timber is located at Hanuman Mandir, Peer Gate, area, Patra Road. Between 1.30 and 2 am, a short circuit started a fire that spread all over the stocks on the premises. Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC), fire brigade as well as the proprietor were phoned.  The fire was controlled by 8 am after about six hours of effort.

As per the fire brigade, firefighters from various fire stations were called in as it was major fire and BMC administration had to prevent it from spreading towards the petrol pump.  As it was timbers and wooden blocks, the fire spread quickly with the wind flow and made it quite challenging for firefighters.

Mubarak Timber proprietor Mashuq Ali said, “Short circuit is the main cause of the inferno. Timber stock worth Rs 30 lakh has completely turned into ashes.  It would have been major mishap if it was not doused in time. So BMC administration swiftly pressed firefighters from various fire stations into service to douse the fire. I was informed at nearly 2 am and I immediately drove to the shop.  It is big loss for my business.”