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Families push women into flesh trade


‘Siskiyan’ tells saga of three women forced into prostitution

BHOPAL: Why women opt for prostitution? A play ‘Siskiyan’ staged at Shaheed Bhawan on Monday tries to answer this age-old question.

Directed by Bhavna Shrivastava, scripted by Pankaj Ramendu, the play comprised of three small stories.

The play begins with the first story of a couple. The husband pushes his wife into the flesh trader. She tries to resist but fails. At last, he has to compromise with her husband. Meanwhile, she meets her college friend and feels that he will understand her but it doesn’t happen so. And he also uses her by saying “Tum jiason ke saath aisa hi hona chahiye…’.

The next story revolves around a girl Richa whose parents never pay attention on her. They are busy in their own love affairs and happy in their loves. She doesn’t share anything with her parents because she knows they would never pay attention to it. One day she goes to a party where she is raped by a drunken man. After the incident, she begins to live away from her family and enters the profession of prostitution.

The play ends with saga of a girl who studies in grade 11. Her lecherous uncle is after her and her mother both. One day, he tells her mother that his friend needs some girls to work in his office but she rejects.  The play was presented by Street Fact Drama Group, Bhopal.

“Through the play, we tried to show the present situation of the society. In the play, we showed the saga of three women of different classes who are exploited somewhere,” said Shrivastava, director of the play.