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Collect samples of locally-produced, loose items: FDA tells its men


Officials were concentrating on products of renowned companies

BHOPAL: The Food and Drug Administration department has prepared a “Specific Surveillance Food Plan” to ensure effective action against sellers and the producers of adulterated and sub-standard products.

Joint Controller Pramod Shukla informed Free Press that it had came to light that the Food Security Officers were collecting samples which are generally of standard quality. The FSOs are taking samples of products of renowned companies, which are generally up to the mark. Sometimes they do not take samples of items that, prima facie, seem adulterated or sub-standard.

The labs give reports in favour of the producers and sellers and if the case reaches  courts, they also favour the accused based on the lab report.

To discourage such practice, a calendar has been prepared and the FSOs will have to take samples as per the calendar.

hey have been instructed to take samples of local products. Five samples will be collected every month – 80 percent will be of loose products and 20 percent of packed products. In Bhopal, the FSOs are supposed to collect sample of dairy food supplements and saffron in January and February, of loose soybean oil in March-April, of sweet betel but in  May and June, of jiggery in September October and of team in November-December.

Similar calendars have been prescribed for officials in other districts, with different food products earmarked for different months.

It has also been decided that if a product is found unsafe, warning will be issued to the concerned person and after one month, the product will be inspected. If there is no change, the FSO shall collect regular sample and charge the concerned under the Food Safety Act 2006.