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Bhopal: Ten songwriters, composers gather to discuss nuances of the arts


BHOPAL: About 10 songwriters gathered together and shared their creations on Sunday at ‘Dylogg,  co-working space’, where first gathering of songwriters and musicians who compose original tracks was held. The event celebrated songwriting and artists’ inspirations, their stories and what drives them. One of a kind event for Bhopal, it saw huge diversity in age, experience, genres and tastes.

Rohan Pathak (Voice of India fame), sang ‘Hosh walon ko’, ‘ranjishein’ (ghazals) and ‘Moh moh ke’, as examples of the songwriting wonders. He emphasised practising more and more while Shikhar Chaudhary, 18, appearing for his board exam this year, talked of John Mayer as his inspiration and performed ‘The city’ and ‘I would’.

Abin Thomas, Tennyson Matthews and Parvatish Pradeep discussed how songwriting was actually the soul of a song. Stories of songs as gifts emerged as they sang their composition, ‘Mehroom’ and ‘Let it be me’. Bhaskar Rao, a post graduate in films from NID, Ahmedabad sang his track, ‘Phir wahi’ and ‘Hui Subah’. Samar Mehdi, Animesh Chauarasia, Shwetang Shankar, Ujjwal Singh Rajput and Aman were other participants at the event.