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Bhopal: Shakti Nagar park needs urgent attention


BHOPAL: Shakti Nagar park needs immediate facelift.  There is no fencing in the park and stray animals keep on roaming all over it. There is enough sprawling space for the development of the park but due to laxity of Bhopal Municipal Corporation (BMC), it has not been developed.

However, local residents have planted sapling. With request of local corporator, benches have been installed. They have expectation from BMC administration for proper support as far as proper park development and sanitation are concerned. Rest of the things, the residents will do.

Mayank Jain said, “Local residents are also supposed to come forward for contribution instead of depending on BMC for proper maintenance of the park. There must be slides and swings for the children.”

Raju Jathav said, “There must be proper fencing to prevent the entry of stray animals into park. The animals destroy the vegetation and plantations which local residents have done. Even memorandum has been handed over to BMC officials raising the issue of the park.”

Sajan Singh said, “Authority concerned is supposed to look after the park. There must be proper maintenance. Many times, we raised the issue of maintenance, but nothing concrete has come out in our favour. We even planted saplings and water them. ”

Santosh Raghuvanshi said, “We requested the corporator, then benches were placed on the periphery. There is no track or paving for walkers and no fencing in the park. People have done their best for the maintenance. But we need help from BMC for systematic development of the park.”