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Bhopal: Jail department to have its own ‘Hariram Nais’


BHOPAL: The jail department has decided to have its own rank of spies who will give information directly to the state headquarters. The training programme has been launched by the jail department to prevent Khandwa and Bhopal jailbreak incidents.

The jail department has prepared an ‘Intelligence Collection Course’ for the warders and chief warders. These spies will spread their network in the jails to know about conspiracies being planned against the state.

The ADG, GR Meena informed that these informers will keep an eye on the administrative working, including the nature of the prisoners and their activities.  From 132 jails of the state 150 warders and chief warders have been selected, from central jail and district jails two warders and from sub jails on warders had been selected. Till date one batch of 60 had been trained and the second batch is under training. The course time of the training is one week.

Vigilance cell to take cognisance of media reports

A high level vigilance cell had been formed to take control over the irregularities reported by the media or the sources. The cell will going to raid the jails if any complaint is reported. The cell, will also going to raid without any complaints also, ADG, GR Meena had been appointed as a head of the cell.