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Bhopal: Government proposes, health department disposes


BHOPAL: The health department needs to be sensitised to utilise the allocated funds so that health services improve in the state. The government is allocating around 3.5 per cent of the total budget for the health department, but the department is not utilising the allocated budget.

In 2014-15, the government allocated 3.89 per cent of the budget, but the department was able to spend around 3 per cent. In the next year financial year the government reduced the budget to 3.59 per cent, but again the department was able to spent around 2.75 per cent only and in 2016-17, the government has reduced the budget to 3.29 per cent, but the department will not able to spent over 2.5 per cent of the budget.

In 2014-15 the state government allocated Rs 4,56,258.51 lakh and the department spent Rs 3,82,977.35 lakh which is just 83.93 per cent of the allocated amount.

In 2015-16, the government allocated Rs 4,70,806.58 lakh and the department used only Rs 3,21,697.59 lakh i.e. only 68.32 per cent.

In the current financial year, the department has been able to use only 56.73 per cent of the amount till December 2016, which is too less for the up grading of the hospitals and improvement of services.

Outbreaks and deaths

Due to improper fund utilisation, health services are affected as in several epidemic outbreaks in two years, 96 lives have been lost.

In fever outbreak in 2016, three lives and in 2015 one person died, while 69 cases of diarrhoea were reported in 2015, in which eight people died. Ten people died in 2015 due to measles and in 2016 five died.

Thousands of neonates dying

The state is not good for neonates’ health, even as under National Health Mission, in every district headquarter one Special Newborn Care Unit (SNCU) has been established. In these SNCUs radiant warmer, phototherapy machine, pulse oximeter, c-gap, recitation kit, portable x-ray, ventilator, central oxygen system and many other facilities are present.

But the deaths are shocking against the arrangement, as in 2014-15, 9,681 neonates died, in 2015-16 the number increased to 11,497 deaths and till December 2016, 10,273 neonates have lost their lives and the number is still counting.

Folic acid tablets for only 19% women

The government is pushing to provide each and every comfort to the expectant mother. But the department is not able to provide and promote it. It lags even in providing the essential Iron Folic Acid (IFA) tablets to the pregnant mothers. Only 19.5 per cent mothers are getting IFAs and only 16.2 mothers are able to get full Anti Natal Care (ANC) checkups.