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Bhopal: Don’t complain on CM Helpline


BHOPAL: Santosh, suffering from Meningitis, is admitted in Hamidia Hospital for a week now.

On Tuesday morning when his wife went to the ward, she found him lying on the ground. After which they created a ruckus inside the campus claiming that when they entered the ward there was no nurse or doctor and Santosh was shivering with cold. The family members also claimed that they found the nurses sleeping. The nurses denied any such incident and said that nothing like that happened and the attendants are lying. After the incident, Dean M.C. Sonagre ordered investigation into the matter.

Ramraja, is lying outside Patel ward since four days for his treatment. Since no bed was vacant, he was told that he will be admitted on Monday but nothing happened. On Tuesday, when he went to a doctor in the ward, the doctor slapped him and dragged him out of the ward. “I am waiting since four days, I have severe pain in my thighs and pus has started flowing out of my wound. I have kids with me.

 The doctor slapped me and pushed me out of ward saying that he will not treat me. I don’t know the name but can identify him if I see him”

Similarly, Narayani Bai is admitted in the Hamidia Hospital for the last 15 days for treatment of fracture but the only treatment she has got so far are stiff doses of syrups. Her son Arvind Kushwaha, who is a labourer, said that he cannot stay the whole day in the hospital because he needs to earn also for his family. When he complained about it on CM helpline, he was bullied by the junior doctors and guards.

“The doctors who were on duty in the ward on Sunday called me and said, that if I complain to collector or anybody else, they will not treat my mother. I took her to another hospital but they referred me back here and since then she has not received any treatment and they are not even telling me what her condition is. Today, the doctors referred us to Cancer hospital. We don’t know what is happening. We came here for fracture treatment and they are sending us to cancer hospital.”, he said.

He further said that the doctors say that how can they treat if they don’t have the required material and medicines. The cases of junior doctors beating patients and bullying them are not new. Since December, junior doctors and patients have clashed on at least four occasions.

Not only this, when the patients want to complain to the newly-appointed superintendent they are not told the way to his office and if they find it, they are not allowed to meet him.

Superintendent Dr Deepak Marawi says that media only presents negative news about the hospital and does not publicise the positive aspects and that is why he does not wants to talk to the media. But he does not even meet the patients coming to him seeking help.   Dr Deepak Marawi refused to talk to Free Press and said that the communication will be done only through PRO, once appointed. Dean Gandhi Medical College, Dr M.C. Sonagre on the issue just said, “It is his decision and we are doing everything needed for the hospital”.