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Admin ditches farmers after completion of Simhastha Mela


Farmers struggling hard to restore their lands ahead of monsoon,

Ujjain :  “We acted instantly on the appeal of CM Sahib when squall had struck the Simhastha Mela on May 5, 2016 and provided every possible help to Sadhus and their devotees, but now when we are in problem no one is paying heed to it,” said farmer Yuvraj Thakur while describing his pain to Free Press team at his farmland located here at Ujjarkheda zone on Sunday afternoon.

 Mela administration had acquired 3061 hectares of farmlands from hundreds of farmers prior to Simhastha Mela for providing space to Sadhus, private institutions and government departments. Farmer Yuvraj Thakur is one of those farmers whose plot has been acquired prior to Simhastha. However, now after the completion of the mela he is paying from his pocket for leveling the land and removing garbage from it. CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan had also assured farmers of returning their lands in the original condition but the CM’s claim has been falling flat on the ground. Now farmers of the mela area are feeling ditched and getting agitated after they are being used by the state government, government officials and contractors for their self interest.

A farmer Govind Singh Thakur on whose land Kinnar Akhara had installed their camp said administrative officials while leveling the land prior to the commencement of mela filled scrap material in the tube well and rolled the road roller over it breaking the machine of the tube well. Govind’s woes do not end here as workers of electricity department uprooted the electric polls from his farmland and dumped all the waste on his land and poured crushed gravels at several places which are now posing serious threat to fertility of the land. Another farmer, Hiralal Yadav whose land is located at Mangalnath zone said “I brought this JCB machine on rent for digging drainage lines in my farm once again, as they were choked by Sadhus and administration is not providing any kind of help.”

Most of the farmers of the mela area have lost their trust on the administration and have started clearing up their lands on their own expenses as dark rainclouds have started hovering above the city. If farmers fail to prepare their farmland prior to breaking of monsoon they have to incur heavy losses in the next yield. However, officials of the mela administration are claiming that more than 90 per cent of the land has been bought to their original form but farmers are reciting entirely different story.

Meanwhile, Bharatiya Kisan Sangh has been preparing to stage stern protest if lackadaisical attitude of the administration continues, as state spokesperson of Kisan Sangh, Bharat Singh Bains while talking to Free Press said, if the condition of farmlands does not improve within a week, we will launch protest along with farmers on roads.

We have almost completed our work of leveling farmlands and the remaining work will also be completed soon

—SR Solanki,  SDM, Ghattiya

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