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Cabinet meeting in Ujjaini today


Indore: The State Cabinet meeting would take place, on Tuesday at village Mundla Dostaar ( Ujjaini) near the Narmada- Kshipra merging spot. Ministers, principal secretaries, and senior officials would take part in the meeting.

Divisional Commissioner Sanjay Dubey, District Collector Aakash Tripathi and DIG Rakesh Gupta inspected the venue, on Monday and released instructions to officials. NVDA Commissioner Renu Pant, SP ( headquarters) Anil Sharma and Additional Collector Ravindra Singh also accompanied them.

Two helipads have been constructed at Devguradia near Mundla Dostaar. One is of cement concrete while the other is temporary. These helipads would be used at the venue to land high- profile guests from airport directly here. A temporary auditorium is being erected along with temporary offices and rest rooms.

After the Cabinet meeting, the ministers would interact with media persons.It is noteworthy that the Cabinet meetings, which are mostly held in the state capital, would be held this time at village Ujjaini. Earlier, only on two occasions has the meeting been conducted ( in Khajuraho and Kerva Dam) outside Bhopal.

The apparent objective of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan for holding this meeting in Ujjaini seems to be highlighting village Ujjaini where rivers have been linked recently.

CM’s schedule

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan would arrive here on Tuesday at 3 pm on a day’s visit to take part in the meeting. He would land in Indore airport at 3 pm. From there, he would be flown to the meeting venue ( Ujjaini) through a helicopter. He would leave the meeting venue at 6 pm ( at Ujjaini) for Indore airport. He would then leave for Bhopal by a flight.Preparations on for CM’s visit