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Subsidies to hybrid vehicles not sufficient: Honda


Hyderabad : Subsidies provided to hybrid vehicles to promote eco-friendly automobiles are insufficient, Japanese car major Honda said, calling for a clear distinction between fully hybrid and mild hybrid technologies for equitable distribution of resources.

The company, which is set to launch Accord  hybrid in the country later this month, said the subsidies offered to hybrid vehicles currently under the FAME scheme in the current form are not sufficient.

“There are different levels of hybrid technologies some are mild systems while some full hybrid systems. I think it is necessary to differentiate, otherwise the cost difference is there,” Honda Cars India President & Ceo Yoichiro Ueno told PTI.

In a mild hybrid the cost may not be that high so if the government can consider difference of technology levels it will be appreciated, he added. “The Government can distribute the resources more efficiently,” Ueno said.