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Srikant Sastri: From an angel investor to becoming a start-up adviser with ‘Chalo StartUp’


Mumbai: A large number of Indian youth or say the working population is moving from the role of job seekers to job creators. When these young inexperienced enthusiasts move to explore the unexplored terrains, they surely need some support and that is where a new start-up ‘Chalo StartUp’ comes into play. This platform is Srikant Sastri’s baby.

Sastri, a known name among tech start-ups and an active angel investor, said “This has been in my mind for a while now. It was only in September this year that I was able to implement it.” ‘Chalo StartUp’ is a theme-based web series which looks at helping entrepreneurs/start-ups to understand the start up space from the mouth of other entrepreneurs themselves.

He added the entrepreneurs in my web series will not ‘The Vijay Shekhars or The Binny Bansals’ but people who have just started their journey and are looking at reaching their destination. “We will not feature big names as young entrepreneur might not be able to relate with them.”

Sastri, a mentor to entrepreneurs added, “I did not want rock stars. I want general janata (people) because after watching these big entrepreneurs, the upcoming start-ups would feel that their objective is unattainable.” He believes every time any entrepreneur watches his web series they should feel that the series is about a story of next door boy or a girl.

The first episode of the series is with sports entrepreneur Sujit Panigrahi. There will be nine more episodes. “I have already shortlisted eight out of the ten start-ups I want to feature,” said Sastri, who gets 4-5 new start-ups approaching him via Linkedin every week. Most of the start-ups that he will feature in his web series is from his own network that he has been part of.

He continued there is so much enthusiasm and energy among the start-ups, that he wants to offer more to as many start-ups as he could. Sastri revealed he has a simple mantra for these entrepreneurs ‘If you have a dream go and build it’. He added as they build their dream, they will provide livelihood to many around them. “The only way to create more jobs is by having start-ups and India needs start-ups,” said co-founder of Crayon Data.

Going back to his web series, he said that he wants his video to reach to as many people as possible not just in urban India but tier II and III cities too.