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Siemens to digitally connect Vedanta’s two power plants


Mumbai : Automation solutions provider Siemens on Wednesday said that it has bagged a contract from Vedanta for providing digital fleet center solution to connect the latter’s two power plants in India to the monitoring stations.

Siemens will digitally link Vedanta’s critical power units-Talwandi Sabo Power Plant (TSPL) in Punjab and Bharat Aluminium Company (BALCO)-to its monitoring station.

“This connection will serve to analyse huge amounts of fleet data for continuous monitoring and diagnostics of these assets. This will enable proactive maintenance to help reduce unplanned outages, thereby, optimising costs and increasing availability of Vedanta’s power assets,” Siemens said in a statement issued here, reports PTI.

Siemens will initially provide three years of maintenance and service support to help ensure continued reliability and operational performance.

“We use digital technology extensively in mining but also in increasing reliability and output of our plants and equipment. We intend to intensify the use of digital further, to optimise but also for breakthroughs,” Vendanta CEO Diversified Metals (India) Samir Cairae, CEO – Diversified Metals (India) said.

He said for its power plants, the company would use digital technology to increase availability, to do predictive maintenance and to better manage our fuel feeds.

“This will also enable us to monitor critical functions of Vedanta’s power plants in real time by using the richness and intelligence of digital information,” Cairae added.