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‘SBI is expanding its presence in every part of the country’ – Raghuram Shetty, DGM of Zonal Office Pune, SBI


Raghuram Shetty, DGM of Zonal Office Pune, SBI tells Kartiki Lawate that rapidly expanding CSR is at the core of SBI’s social outreach.

Can you brief us about your Pinkathon initiative and SBI’s association with it?

Pinkathon is India’s multi-city International Run for women only to create and promote awareness about breast cancer, health and fitness among women. It is a social cause to connect with CSR.

CSR is important to SBI right?

Yes. We implement CSR to assist / help the needy society by donation of water purifiers, ceiling fans, school books, library books, materials, tree plantations, blood donation, ambulance, medical equipments donations, mother-baby child care, health check up, eye check up etc.

Recently SBI launched their first Hybrid Recycler?

SBI launched first Hybrid Recycler at Chinar Complex inside Army’s Northern Command HQ (Udhampur) combination of ATM, CDM, cash deposit with and without card.

You were the first bank to take lead in lowering the EMIs after RBI cuts repo rate.

SBI was the first bank to pass on the benefit of RBI repo rate cut to the customers. This will reduce the cost of borrowing for customers. Reduction of ROI will definitely give a boost for real estate and auto sector.

This government seems to be giving encouragement to the banking sector?

The government is encouraging banking sector by giving greater autonomy to Banks in decision making, recovery of NPA etc. SBI recently recruited 2000 people and many others are knocking on the doors. SBI is expanding its presence in every part of the country by opening new branches in unbanked areas. This requires more manpower. These young recruits have bright future in SBI. These new recruits are very tech savvy to suit the present requirement of Bank.

You always wanted to work in a Bank?

Yes. This is where you can serve a larger section of the society.

When did you join SBI and how has been your journey?

It has been 33 yrs with SBI. I have enjoyed every moment in SBI as we get an opportunity to serve larger section of society.

Can you tell us about your hobbies as in what you like to do in your free time?

Reading, travelling, watching TV specially news, cricket etc.

What is on SBI’s radar for the future?

As you know SBI is the biggest lender in the country. Being the biggest lender, SBI plays a vital role in every economic activity. World class technology is adopted by the Bank to provide excellent customer service. We also participate in CSR activities like Pinkathon to help society.