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Lufthansa, Vereinigung Cockpit sign long-term collective labour deal


 Mumbai : German airline Lufthansa and the pilot trade union Vereinigung Cockpit (VC) signed a new collective labour agreement (CLA).  The deal agrees up on hiring around more than 700 junior pilots and at least 600 positions for future captains shall be created.

In March, both parties had agreed on various terms and conditions and now, they finalised sealed it. The terms and conditions agreed on in the package is to operate a minimum of 325 aircraft with pilots from Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and Germanwings by the end of 2022, will create new and future career prospects.  However, the CLA is subjected to approval of the trade union members in form of a ballot.

“Pilots at Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo and Germanwings will receive staggered pay increases totalling to 10.3 per cent and a one-off payment of up to 1.8 monthly salaries for the period of May 2012 until June 2022,” Lufthansa said in the statement.  As per the deal, pilots will also continue to have protective rights against permanent inability to fly. Also, the new contracts will result in overall cost saving of 15 percent of staff costs in the cockpit – before wage increases to be paid in the future.