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Japanese technology contributes to infrastructure and sanitary ware in ASEAN


Jakarta (Indonesia) / Singapore: Indonesia has shown significant economic growth in recent years, which led to an increase in energy demand. Many foreign companies, including those from Japan has set up their industries in Indonesia.

In order to fulfill need of energy, the government has constructed a 260 km long natural gas pipeline in 2008. Indonesia’s natural gas market is also quickly growing for domestic consumption, but the gas distribution and consumption infrastructure is not yet developed.

Japan’s JFE Engineering is helping in construction of gas pipeline infrastructure including drilling, pipe laying, welding and inspection to the backfill. At the company’s local subsidiary office in Indonesia, 150 people are working and promoting business in the field of Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC).  JFE has carried out many projects in Indonesia, including the setting up of geo-thermal power plant.

President Director, Pt. JFE Engineering Indonesia said, “The rapid economic growth in Indonesia creates demand for the infrastructure of energy distribution. We think we can  contribute to Indonesia’s economy growth through our technical capabilities, quality, prompt delivery and safety which we gained from over 50 years of the experience in Japan.”

“JFE Engineering is currently working on the construction of over 40 km long pipeline in East Java” he added. The company has many Japanese pipeline technician stationed in Indonesia. Japan is also contributing in improving the sanitary need in Indonesia. The High-Tech toilet bidet sheet, which has been introduced in the country, has changed the conventional idea of washing rear, with the spray after using the toilet.

Founded in 1917, the world’s largest toilet manufacturer, TOTO invented and patented the Washlet, The innovative toilet seat that features an integrated bidet, is now one of the most advanced types of toilet worldwide.

TOTO forayed into Indonesia market in 1970’s and now the company holds top share in the country. In Indonesia, people originally have a habit to wash by the water from the bucket. TOTO’s local subsidiary was able to propose an easy-to-use toilet habits in a more clean way, with the locally invented “Eco Washer”.

TOTO Indonesia has been manufacturing this Eco Washer toilet for over years and has introduced to large commercial facilities in Jakarta. RONALD LIM, Center Director, Senayan City said, “In any normal standard shopping mall we have toilets with hand spray. It’s manual. But in our mall, we have introduced Eco Washer.”

The sale of Eco Washer has increased in Jakarta. People who experienced Eco Washer toilet have started to introduce them at their households. Speaking about the same, Johan Gojali said, “Earlier people were using shower spray but now they prefer Eco

Washer, because it’s more practical, hygienic and it saves space.” TOTO’s toilet sanitary ware from Indonesia is being exported to Singapore. Washlets are being installed at The South Beach, a new high-end hotel. TOTO is aggressively expanding to tap the sanitary market in Asia and Middle East.