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Fuel shortage adds to flood-hit Kerala woes


Photo by - / AFP

Mumbai : Some parts of the flood-affected Kerala, where water has retreated now, are still living with no electricity and poor mobile connectivity. Adding to this is the shortage of fuels in petrol pumps, but oil marketing companies claim they are doing the needful.

Jose, a Thrissur-based resident, said, “Petrol pumps close to my home were submerged under water. So, the pumps have not opened yet. If we need fuel, we have to go to different stations (far away) to refill our tank.”

Meanwhile, the state-level coordinator for the oil industry, PS Mony said that most of the fuel pumps in the state are functioning as usual barring a few which are submerged.

Some of the petrol pumps in the state are running dry, while a few pumps are only supplying to authorities. This was because they have to keep fuel for emergency purposes. According to a police official, “For the past two-three days (when all districts in the state were on high alert), there was a shortage of petrol and diesel, but most of the pumps were supplying the fuel to authorities like Police, Army, National Disaster Response Force, Ambulance and other bodies offering emergency services.”

In most relief camps in Kerala, diesel generators are used to supply electricity. “Shortage of diesel has forced some camps to operate without electricity, but now things have settled down,” said an official.

Mony added that efforts are being taken by the industry to supply fuel across the state. He said that the oil companies are ensuring fuel supplies at retail outlets and LPG stations.