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FPJ Exclusive: Cybersecurity firm offers world’s first $1M warranty against APTs


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In a world first, Cymmetria has announced that it will offer a 1 million US dollar warranty to customers affected by advanced persistent threats that its cyber deception solution, MazeRunner is unable to protect against. The cyber deception solution directs attackers to a controlled environment using breadcrumbs intentionally setup for the attacker. The controlled environment is separate from the actual workspace where it can monitor and understand the attack while also collecting forensic evidence, ultimately leading to the disclosure of the operation.

Speaking to The Free Press Journal, Gadi Evron, Cymmetria’s founder and CEO said “I started Cymmetria in the attempt to create something which changes the economics of cyber security. There’s an asymmetry in cyber security and we’d like to shift it by exponentially increasing the attackers’ costs.”

The reason why traditional computer security solutions have been unable to provide any sort of guarantee on the level of security they offer is because it is not possible to protect against cyber attacks that are constantly evolving. “Cyber deception doesn’t concentrate on attacks which constantly change, but on the attacker who is predictable. By controlling the information the attacker has, we can divert them to environments we control,” added Evron.

“As to the warranty, we believe in our solution and in the fact that we have already caught four APT attacks. It’s time as an industry we started putting our money where our mouth is, and stand behind our offerings.” Evron added. Initiatives like this could help reduce the uncertainty and confusion prevalent in the computer security industry today and help differentiate products that can produce results from those that just have good marketing. A top-tier insurance firm will be providing the warranty and it can be applied to both new and existing clients.