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Zedpack to participate in 26th edition of India Big 7 exhibition


Zedpack presents its catalog of non-woven bags at the exhibition aimed to create an expansive market for its packaging solutions in the retail market

The retail industry has been quite tumultuous and exciting these past few decades. That said, the sector leaves much to be asked for in terms of its aesthetic appeal and a home-grown presence. The current scenario in the industry offers plenty opportunities for brands looking to revisit their customer pitch as well as look for a feasible packaging solution for their products. In a sector where bagging options can create a scope for a brand’s perception, Zedpack, an Indian non-woven bag company has brought quite a bevy of packaging solutions in the Indian and international market. The company which has an experience of over 20 years is showcasing their product range in The Biggest International Trade Exhibition. The 26th edition of the exhibition will feature gifts, stationary, writing instruments, office gadgets, handicrafts, houseware and home décor.

The event is taking place in the Bombay Exhibition Center, NESCO, Goregaon, Mumbai from August 22, 2018 to August 25, 2018. Covering a gross area of 50,000 sq mt, the event will host 1,000 exhibitors from 10 countries and will have 600 hosted buyers. The number of visitors this year is likely to be 40,000 compared to only 25,000 visitors last year.

Taking their green movement to another level, Zedpack will showcase their products in stall number 261J. With an experience of 20 years in the premium non-woven shopping bag and packaging industry, Zedpack is amongst the leading manufacturers of non-woven gift bags, designer bags, metalized shopping bags, wedding bags, box-type bags and other non-woven fabric products.

Driven by the vision to make the world a greener place, the product range by Zedpack consists of re-usable non-woven bags for B2B and B2C customers. Aiming to make the packaging industry a more sustainable one, the bags are manufactured using polypropylene, which is an environment-friendly material.

An extension to Zedpack’s green approach, the bags promote the brands in a unique manner. While being a platform for a name to brand themselves effectively, they also act as an eye candy for the onlookers.

The B2B audience will get a chance to explore Zedpack’s non-woven bag range and understand the need to opt for eco-friendly bagging and packaging options. Featuring a wide variety of products, the exhibition will feature both national and international players. Focusing on the broader picture, the trade fair will be a chance for multiple businesses to check out the latest product range under various categories, and opt for the best ones that help grow their reach.