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Club Enerji unveils new online module


Mumbai : Club Enerji, Tata Power’s nationwide movement, will launch a new online module of the Club Enerji programme called Active Citizenship. The focus of the new module will be to create awareness and good personal practices which will help in bringing change.

The module content contains topics on energy and resource conservation, moral and civic values, disaster prevention and management, and engaging with local bodies and community organisations.

Active Citizenship will focus on the National Mission of Saving Electricity towards an Ujwal Bharat. The module is hosted on the Club Enerji website, the company stated in its statement.

The objective of the Active Citizenship module is to reach out to a larger group of IT skilled children with a vision to inculcate strong civic and moral values, enunciate the qualities of an ideal citizen, and suggests various activities which can easily be undertaken by students.