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Arun Firodia’s Green Growth


arun firodia

Arun Firodia’s book Green Growth focuses on green environment and ways to reduce carbon footprint.

“Pune is always a thought leader and now we have become action leaders after getting enlightened with the way our attitude has changed towards carbon footprint and energy,” said renowned scientist Dr Raghunath Mashelkar. He was speaking at the book launch of “Green Growth” organized on Friday on the occasion of ‘World Environment Day’ at MCCIA.

Arun Firodia, Trustee Janwani and the chairman of Kinetic group has written a book titled ‘Green Growth’ suggesting ways to reduce the carbon footprint of cities, taking Pune as a model city. The book attempts to inculcate sustainability values in society. Citing the example of Kedernath tragedy Mashelkar further said, “We always think about the ‘cost of doing it’ but ‘think of cost of not doing it’, Kedarnath is now in our memories. We have to get into a profession of making impossible possible and set bigger targets as far as nature is concerned. The idea of solar bonds is an innovative one which gives everyone a sense of confidence.”

“There are doable ideas mentioned in the book and our own preparedness along with innovation is important,” added Mashelkar.

Arun Firodia said, “Former President of India Hon. Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam’s thoughts regarding the overall growth and development inspired me to write this book. If everybody installs solar panels in Pune then we will be able to generate enough electricity for our needs and also for industries and institutions. DC method of generation of electricity is an important step in reducing the carbon footprint.”

Former President of India Hon. Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam and eminent scientist Dr. M.S.Swaminathan have endorsed the book through their messages, while foreword to this book, is written by Noted scientist Dr. C.N.R.Rao and Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India Dr. R. Chidambaram.

arun firodia green growth

Seen in the pic (from left) Dr Jayshree Firodia, Mayor of Pune Dattatraya Dhankawade, Girish Bapat, Arun Firodia, Dr. R.A Mashelkar, Vijay Kelkar, Vandana Chavan and Anu Aga at the book launch of Green Growth by Arun Firodia

The book draws upon theoretical framework as well as ready-to-implement ideas resulting into a city level micro plan in accordance with the UNFCCC guidelines to achieve the target of transforming cities into Carbonneutral cities. The book is written in a user friendly manner and is meant to influence a wide range of stakeholders’ viz. Policy makers, Citizens, Media and Civil Society Organizations.

It is an important book highlighting ability of developing nations, like India, to aimfor sustainable urban development.