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Pune Scaled up in IIT, JEE Results; Contribution by Prime Academy


Pune, Maharashtra, India

The Indian education sector is primarily governed by an evaluation system that encourages students for upgrading their skills and creates and unparallel competition with every passing year. Are you a parent and worried about your child’s future? Are you confused which institute to get your child admitted to for IIT and JEE preparation if your child decides to pursue engineering?  Do you as a student want to make sure you get directed in the right path for you to crack desired competition exams? What are your criteria when you look for an institute to train you and prepare you for competition exams of the higher cadre like IIT and JEE, etc?

In any part of the country, a student in class 8 or 9 starts planning their future, and when one decides to become an engineer, the biggest dream is to clear IIT, JEE, exams and opt for a premier institute of their choice. But the worst nightmare is to find a suitable place which will prepare you to crack these competitive exams as a sure shot. Since this is a very big and important time and a life changing event which controls your life and decide the path you take in future, and how your future is shaped up, one can safely call it a prominent yet risky decision of our lives.

We at Prime Academy Pune understand your concerns and are equally prepared to deal with your issues of reliability and trust with a special strategic approach, well guided by experts. Prime Academy, a Division of Prime Tutorials Private Limited, is a pool of such experts, driven by IITians who have a vast experience. With a teaching experience of several years, we have developed the expertise and methodologies required to generate confidence among students to excel in competitive exams. We constantly update our method of teaching to keep students abreast with the changing exam pattern.

Prime Academy understands that when you have to chose from a pool of institutes claiming to be the best, it becomes a headache to find who actually is result oriented as promised, and we can proudly say, backed by actual testimonials, that a humongous percentage of the students who cleared IIT from Pune in the last few years have been prepared at Prime Academy.

The famous marketing mantra, ‘First time, a good salesman can sell dirt as gold, but the second time, it is the quality of the product, which sells”. We ensure continuity of our core faculty team which helps students/parents gain confidence in us. Subsequently the extremely good word of mouth helps us keep away from unnecessary marketing/publicity and we focus just on core academics.

We have been consecutively been producing toppers of IIT and JEE exams. In 2013 Kedar Joshi was 3rd in Pune with AIR 159 and this year at Prime Academy, Abhay Gaikwad stood 3rd in Pune with AIR 204. More than 60 students from Prime cracked the exam. As many as 1.27 lakh students from across the country had appeared for the JEE Advanced.

We believe in doing more than saying and working for a brighter future of students helps us attain an overwhelming zest to do better each year.

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