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Humungous Response, Almost 100% More than per Earlier Batch, in Enrollment for e-Governance Certification Program of Government of Maharashtra (GoM)


Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

It is been a third consecutive year of big success for the e-Governance Training and Certification program, wherein the enrollment of the candidate for the certification in year 2014 is been increased by almost more than 100% in comparison to the enrollment happened until May 2014.

Considering the humungous success of e-Governance Training and Certification Program in e-Governance domain, and with an objective to further ease the certification for the citizen, one part of the certification i.e. objective test is been made open all the time and upon passing the same in maximum 3 attempts, the candidate will be allowed to enroll for the Subjective Type Test.

With the above approach, at present on an average 50 candidates per day are appearing for the objective type test i.e. 1500 requests per month, which is more than the average registration of 430 candidates per batch received in the past for completed 10 batches.

Looking at the positive response and to ensure only serious candidate enrolls for the exam, henceforth the GoM is planning to charge the candidate for subjective type test with a minimal fee of Rs. 500. The notification for the same will be published soon on the site.

A brief on e-Governance Certification Program

In year 2012, DIT of GoM, had started the first and a unique online certification, an OPEN book exam, in e-Governance domain, with a vision of spreading the e-Governance awareness among any stakeholders working with GoM (i.e. DIT Staff, Consultants and software developers), and to test and enhance their skills and knowledge on e-Governance domain.

At present, the e-Governance Certification Program is,

  • A web-based online certification program, comprise of two stages.
  • First Stage – is of Objective Type Test which is open all the time and passing the same the candidate achieves the “e-Governance Aware Citizen” certificate
  • Second Stage – is Subjective Type Test, for candidates who are really serious about working on Government Projects and wants to pursue the career in e-Governance domain. A personal interview is a part of Subjective Type Test and being offered to candidates who passed the exam, and candidates finally achieves the certificate (which is must if you are/wants to work with Government of Maharashtra)

Reading material for exam is already made available on the site for easy reference. For further details on the certification program and exam reading material please visit

As on today, this certification program has bagged following awards

  • Award of Recognition at CSI Nihilent Awards
  • Skoch order of Merit 2013

As on May 2014, more than 3000 candidates had registered through 10 batches and out of which 359 candidates had passed the exam with various grades i.e. Mentors, Distinction and Pass.

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