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Familiar Strangers by Samah: Review


Title: Familiar Strangers

Author: Samah

Publisher: Penguin Books

Pages: 215

Price: Rs. 250


Heartbroken, baffled and devastated Chirag tries to find a new purpose in life after the end of a six-year-long relationship. Meanwhile, little did he know how he found a new love of his life, who also started to become a part of his future dreams. But the universe had something else in store for them.

Nobody knew a third person’s entry could awaken the emotions that have been dormant for too long now. Just like several other modern couples, Priya and Chirag were living life at breakneck speed, unknowingly stuck in the rut of a marriage that is obviously fading away, if not dead already. But there is a turning point when Priya’s position in Chirag’s life is threatened by his past – his ex-girlfriend, who returns when they least expect it.

The communication gap, doubt, insecurity cause their relationship to be at stake. There is a background voice, which gives you a deeper insight on a man and woman’s mind respectively with everything that is going around them. The incidents are so relevant that one can learn from the chapters of the book where the situation after situation is just being swept under the carpet to avoid further conflicts. Right after when Priya finds a text message on Chirag’s phone that has to do with his ex, it makes her numb and proves all her doubts to be correct, which were once only in her subconscious mind, but now, not anymore.

“Fine! Suit yourself. But I’m not an idiot, Chirag. Don’t think I don’t know what’s going on.”

Two people who used to be dipped in love all the time are now ‘familiar strangers’. So close yet so far, so known yet so unknown, so considerate yet so inconsiderate. They have forgotten how it is to be in love, what a harmonious family is and how to live a normal life. No matter how hard they try to solve their issues, they always end up creating a void for themselves. Even a thought about taking an initiative to resolve their problems becomes a task for them. Because they keep beating around the bush and never come straight to the point.

“Chirag pretended like he couldn’t understand what Priya was talking about, and they both realised it was a shoddy attempt at acting. But she played along to avoid another argument.”

So, what’s next now? Will they go back to how they used to be or is it too late to repair the damage? Every chapter has a story to tell that will surprise you even more. It is a novel that will grip you till the end with suspense, mixed feelings and more. Just like their fast-paced life, the story also doesn’t wait for anyone. With every turn of a page, there is a new twist to it, which leaves you wanting to know more. Keeping the story short and crisp, you actually feel like you are watching a movie. Familiar Strangers is a perfect read during our short journeys to keep us from dawdling. It is likely to find a way to move into our shelves, even if it’s already overloaded. Because the thinner, the easier to squeeze in.

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