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50 Not Out


Book Review: 50 not out

 ‘50 Not Out’ is a road map to make ones’ life fruitful while celebrating the game of cricket.

Harimohan Paruvu

Publication: Jaico Books

Pages: 264; Price: Rs 250 

Cricket has been known to be a Gentlemen’s Game, until some crooks walked on to the pitch and tried to malign it. Cricket, has been an integral part of life for millions across the globe; for many, a religion, with numerous cricketing Gods. But what if I tell you that this game of bat and ball teaches powerful lessons in life which will helps us excel in whatever we do.

‘50 Not Out’ by Harimohan Paruvu makes a very interesting and out of the box attempt to link cricket with our day to day behavior. Various cricketing terms which we hear as the part of commentary when match is played, have their own meaning when applied to ones’ life.

Get behind the line of the ball: Face hostile and unpleasant situations directly. When you get a clear picture of the situation, you can decide the course of action with more clarity, whether to engage or leave alone. In most cases, the issues get mitigated or resolved, because you chose to deal with them directly. If you ignore unpleasant situations, they will grow bigger and come back to haunt you later.

It is timing, not power: Cricket is about timing, not power. And so is our life. To conquer, you don’t need force. To be strong, learn to yield. When you deal from a position of love, you achieve more with less. Love is a creative thought that can change the way you work, live or play. It ensures far greater results with minimum effort.

Take the first run fast. Every run counts: Show your willingness in every act and thought. Grab every chance. Accumulate the small change. It indicates that you want to make the most of every opportunity. Nothing is too small to matter.

You win some, you lose some: Life has its ups and downs. Accept both and don’t get attached only to the ups. If you have to get attached to something, get attached to effort. Purposeful effort will see you on the winning side more often. Go with the flow. Move on with the same disposition in all circumstances.

Play with a straight bat: The straight bat follows the path of honesty, hard work and patience. It is upright with no hidden agenda and is willing to work for its reward. To walk the straight path, requires sound values, commitment and strong character. If you pick the right practices to follow and get your first principle right, it pays off in the long run.

Plan your innings: Planning prepares you to address and overcome obstacles to your goals. If you have a detailed action plan, the probability of achieving your goals increases that much more, because all the possibilities have been planned for. Visualize the plan. Write it down. Pay attention to the uncertain areas. Ask uncomfortable questions. The more detailed your planning, less the uncertainty.

And many more such cricketing terms directly connected to explain the various nuances of our life makes ‘50 Not Out’ not just an interesting but also valuable read. The simplicity of the language used connects with reader faster and the examples given to put across a point are the ones even a layman can connect with.

At times we seem to find ourselves in a situation where we see no concrete answers to the questions we are confronted with. Or a day where nothing seems to be going the way we want it to go. During such occasions this book can surely come handy in showing you a path to some basic and simple solutions of life which our preoccupied mind had failed to see.

So to all who want to play a long and fruitful innings of life, ducking the nasty deliveries life bowls at times with confidence and calmness. Go out and grab a copy of ‘50 Not Out’ to play the best innings of your life!

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