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Tiger Warrior

Fateh Singh Rathore of Ranthambore

Soono Taraporewala

Penguin Viking

Pages: 230; Price: Rs.499

Fateh Singh Rathore devoted the better part of his life to making Ranthambhore National Park a safe haven for the tiger population to live and grow in. He was intolerant of red tape and led a tireless crusade against poachers. Globally respected for his work, he was unpopular with Indian forest officials whenever he sought to point out anything that went wrong or falling tiger numbers. In such cases, the official reaction was always denial – in other national parks such as Sariska or Panna, this kind of denial has led to a near wipe-out of the entire tiger population. Fateh survived a bid on his life, fought stiff resistance from a powerful lobby of bureaucrats, and was even barred entry into his beloved national park, all because he would not give up his fight to save tigers. Soonoo Taraporewala’s insightful biography, based on her years of association with this indomitable ‘tiger warrior’, not only brings alive Fateh Singh Rathore’s extraordinary legacy but also opens up wider questions about wildlife conservation in India.

40 Sufi Comics

Mohammed Ali Vakil & Mohammed Arif Vakil

Published by Sufi Studios

Pages: 92; Price: Rs.150

Sufi Comics are short comic strips that illustrate the eternal spiritual truths in the teachings of Islam. 40 Sufi Comics is a collection of these comics in the form of a book. Alongside each comic are relevant verses from the Holy Quran and Traditions from the Prophet and the Ahlul Bayt. For more information visit

The wise fool of Baghdad

(Sufi Comics)

Mohammed Ali Vakil, Mohammed Arif Vakil & Rahil Mohsin

Published by Sufi Studios

Pages: 131; Price: Rs.195

What can a man dressed in rags, and ostensibly mad teach us about life? Everything as it turns out. Bahlool who lived in Baghdad, circa the 8th century AD, feigned madness to escape the oppression of the ruling class. Now free of the burden of normalcy he dispensed wisdom in strange and amusing ways. The Wise Fool of Baghdad is a collection of these true stories, richly illustrated in the Turkish-Iranian miniature style. Every story is followed by sacred verses of the Quran and traditional sayings, inscribed in Arabic By Muqtar Ahmed, one of India’s finest Islamic calligraphers.