Diwali party ideas for kids / offices / familes

Diwali is coming up and everyone knows that it is full of light, sound, family, friends, and of course, parties. One of the most popular types of parties that happen during this time of the year is those that are at office, which include potluck meals and so much more. If you are looking to plan an upcoming party, then you need some great ideas and there are plenty that you can put into action if you just know what they are. You should be able to enjoy a bit of fun filled time with your fellow employees and even your family.


Enjoying the Time with Co-Workers

One of the best types of parties that you can plan is one that would help you to get to know your fellow employees. Some of the best ones include

  1. Two Truths and a Lie – This is where each individual puts in 2 truths and 1 lie about themselves and the others need to guess which ones are the truth and which one is the lie. This game is a great option for the party that just involves the employees and spouses.
  2. Charades – This is a pretty simple game where you simply write down ideas that someone has to act out and others need to guess. The best part about this game is that you can use it for adults and children of all ages.

When you put together plenty of games, then you will be able to enjoy the time with your fellow employees. Not only that, but these games can be for the entire family, including the children so that the ideas can be expanded. All of these games can be adapted based on what is available and all of the items required are easy to purchase.


Popular Games for Families and Kids

Another great thing that you should make sure that you plan is whether or not the kids are coming. If they are, then make sure that you have some great ideas that they can participate in as well. There are many ideas that you can implement, such as:

  1. Card games, including rummy, black jack, bridge and more
  2. Competitive style games, such as creating rangolis, lighting the candles or diyas and more
  3. Ethnic dresses up competition on a walkway to show off new outfits
  4. Musical related games like musical chair or Antakshari or guessing games with songs
  5. Drawing competition, which would be great for smaller kids who want to participate
  6. Balloon bursting is another great idea for children, which can also include small prizes
  7. Office Olympics, which can contain plenty of great activities for both the adults and kids
  8. Guess the name of the celebrity, which simply means that you have to download images of popular Bollywood or Hollywood celebrities and have the guests guess the names.

You should strive hard to make sure that the Diwali party is fun for everyone, including the children. Also, make sure that you plan the food, especially if you are ordering in or having a potluck meal. Plan in advance and ensure that you have all of the required items, including cards, prizes, diyas, pictures and anything else that you might need for the party.

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