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Winter round the corner; nights turn chilly in Bhopal city


Minimum temperature drops to 17 °C

BHOPAL: Nights are gradually becoming cooler in the state capital. Night temperature is gradually reducing at various places including state capital in the state. However, days are hotter. People may get exposure if they do not take precaution in morning and late night when they venture out.

Children are worst affected in uneven weather as they have to catch school buses in the morning. They cannot put on blazers and sweaters as chill is confined only to the morning hours. This period happens to be dangerous from health point of view. Elderly people and morning walkers also may develop exposure due to morning cold.  In the most the cases, children suffer from throat inflection, cold and fever. In government hospital, there is long queue in OPD and maximum cases are of throat infection and fever.

Bhopal recorded a maximum temperature of 33.2°C which was 1°C above normal while it recorded a minimum temperature of 17.4°C which was 1°C below normal. Thirty five degree Celsius was recorded at many places. Thirteen degree Celsius as night temperature was recorded at Betul and Chhindwara and it was lowest night temperature in the state.

As per the meteorological department, dry weather prevails so it infuses frostiness in atmosphere. Wind pattern is gradually changing toward northerly. Northerly wind which has peculiar characteristic that it infuses frostiness and chillness.

However, it is transition period of rainy season and winter season.