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We are not rulers but servants of people: Commissioner SN Rupla


GWALIOR: Commissioner SN Rupla has said that wherever a government employee was posted, he or she should to fulfil duties with utmost sincerity. He should have a positive attitude and try to introspect from time to time whether he is doing his duty properly and conscientiously.

The commissioner was addressing a programme on the eve of the Civil Services Day at the collectorate on Thursday. He was the chief guest at the function. Among others, collector Sanjay Goyal, SP Ashish, CCF Kanchan Devi, CEO, district panchayat Neeraj Singh and ADM Shivraj Singh were present at the function.

The commissioner said in pre-Independence India, the British had established the Indian Civil Service to rule. But in post-independent India, the government employees were servants of the people, not their rulers. He said, “It is our moral duty to use the powers given by the government to serve the people. And we just have to adopt a positive attitude to do that.”

Rupla gave the example of Mohan Singh, a retired teacher who, so far, has visited 1,600 homes to greet unknown persons on their birthdays. Rupla said if the government servants worked with the same sprit they would not only make people happy but themselves get satisfaction and happiness. The collector said the Civil Services Day was an occasion for government servants to introspect on how to provide better services to the people.

Red beacons had become status symbols
At the programme, collector Sanjay Goyal welcomed the PM Narendra Modi’s and chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s decision to do away with red beacons. He said that the red beacons were meant to facilitate the work of the officers but they had turned into status symbols. The commissioner, collector, SP and district Panchayat CEO removed the beacons from their vehicles.