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Vedic mantras, bhajans at Makhanlal alumni meeting in Bhopal


500-plus former students of varsity relive their college days

BHOPAL: The harmonic Vedic mantras of like ‘Sangchchhdwam Samvadhwam…,’ the slokas of Bhaja Govindam composed by Adi Shankaracharya, popular bhajan of Kabir, Kalidas, Surdas was performed  by Dhruvaa, the first Sanskrit rock band at open stage of Ravindra Bhawan on Saturday. The performance of the band enchanted the audience.

It was part of Alumni Meet of Makhanlal Chaturvedi University of Journalism and Communication where as many as 500 former students of varsity from batch 1991 -2016 were present and enjoyed the every moment of the event.

The concert began with Ved mantras of Rigveda like ‘Sangchchhdwam Samvadhwam…’.  It was followed with manjhi  song ‘par gaye manjhi’. They also presented popular bhajan of Kabir, Kalidas, Surdas which left the audience spell bound. These bhajans were ‘tab n jane hridyam…,’ jheeni rechadariya…,’ ‘prabhu more abgun chitt na dharo…,’ sensitized the music lovers of every age group. The band also presented its title track ‘hum dhruvaa hai…’. The programme concluded with fusion of ‘Vande Matram’ song.

‘Indian journalism non-stop movement of Indian feelings’

A convention of ex-students of Makhanlal Chaturvedi University of Journalism and Communication was inaugurated on Saturday. Key speaker and Rajya Sabha TV, executive director, Rajesh Badal, in his address said good reading is the first condition to write good and show good on Television. The television industry has emerged in merely five years and this example could not be found anywhere.

Chief guest and Indian Book Trust chairman, Baldev Bhai Sharma, said journalism in India is not merely sending of news but it is a way to create awareness of conscience in Indians. Indian journalism is a non-stop movement of Indian feelings.

Radheshyam Sharma cited several instances of setting up of the University. He said the University was founded in 1991 and now its journey seems to be a story.

Vice-chancellor professor Brijkishore Kuthiyala, in his presiding address, said the objective of the university is to develop and expand media in future besides, staying one step ahead. Chancellor Lajpat Ahuja presented the preamble of the convention.