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Transporters hike freight charges by 15%


Decision to spark rise in prices of essential commodities.

All India Motor Transport Congress blames diesel price hike, 5 per cent hike in toll-octrai for transferring cost to customers

Bhopal : Forced by fuel price hike and increased taxes the transporters in MP have hiked rates of freight to cover costs. All India Motor Transport Congress (AIMTC) general secretary Harish Dabar said, “To deal with hike in price of diesel and 5 per cent increase in toll-octrai we are forced to increase the freight charges by almost 15 per cent.”

He added that once the operational costs escalate we can absorb it only to an extent but beyond a limit we are left with no option but to shift the burden on to our customers.

According to experts this will eventually escalate prices of essential commodities including fruits, vegetables, grocery and other packed goods.

Madhya Pradesh petrol pumps dealers Association Ajay Singh said, “The surge in fuel prices is largely due to the rise in crude oil prices and high rate of excise duty in the country. The recent slump in rupee has also lifted the import cost of crude oil. Central government should intervene into the matter else the increasing trend will continue. Not just this prices for other hydrocarbons (CNG), non-subsidised LPG gas have all registered a sharp rise.”