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Think out of the box, take humanitarian decisions: CM tells civil servants


BHOPAL: Civil servants should come out from colonial mindset. The civil services were established by the British government for their own benefits; now the services had been turned into public welfare services, said CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan while addressing officers at a Civil Service Day event on Thursday.

He said civil servants thought they were permanent and the government stayed for just five years, but it was democracy and rule was ‘of the people, for the people and by the people’.

He said civil servants had decided to serve; nobody had forced them to join unless they had decided to serve society. For earning money, there are private companies. Chouhan raised several questions on the working of the officers and departments, asking them to think ‘out of the box’. He criticised the working of some of the officials and on the other hand also appreciated the committed officers.

He also raised that some officers and departments did not have concern to review the programmes. “The officer issues the letter and sends the information that the recommendations are implemented, but in real case the benefits do not reach the beneficiaries,” the CM complained.

He asked the departments to work in coordination, not as two enemy countries because all the work was done for the benefit of 7.50 crore people of the state.
He asked the civil servants to take humanitarian decisions, not use bookish knowledge.
“It is good that the officers are not having any groupism. If it is present, the situation may worsen in the country, because we the politicians are facing the knot,” the CM added.

Main points in CM’s address:
• File tracking system will be implemented very soon. Every department should prepare the tracking system.
• What is Ram Rajya? When the beneficiary of some scheme gets the benefit without any hassle, it is called Ram Rajya.
• Some officers look towards the industry department PS that only he wanted to bring investment.
• Some of the officers did not come to office as their home is their office.
• Some officers sit in Vallabh Bhawan till 10 pm, many do not like them.
• Revenue board is closed which was involved in converting government land into private land.
• Think out of the box, don’t be a follower; do some innovation.
• Don’t be afraid in signing the government papers, come forward and do the stake holding.
• Some officers do not want to work fearing Lokayukta and RTI activists.
• When collectors who work well in districts, are transferred, people rock the district.

Depts give presentation

Chief secretary BP Singh said on the occasion of the Civil Service Day five presentations were made by the five departments. ACS Iqbal Singh Bais presented the happiness ministry presentation, ADG Anvesh Manglam informed about the importance of CCTVs. Secretary public service management department Hari Ranjan Rao presented the CM Helpline and its uses for betterment of social services. Commissioner Indore Sanjay Dubey presented the organ donation theory and its implementation. CCF Jitendra Agarwal presented the forest and wildlife management and innovations and ACCF Aburag Shrivastava gave presentation on forest and revenue land.