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RKDF varsity to support wrestlers of Olympic medalist’s academy


BHOPAL: Olympic Bronze Medal winning wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt and RKDF University has joined hands to promote wrestling where RKDF University will be funding 10 wrestlers from Yogeshwar Dutt’s academy for the coming Olympics.

RKDF chairman Dr Sunil Kapoor announced the agreement on Monday in a press conference where national coach Narendra Kumar, MD RKDF, Siddharth Kapoor, vice chairman, Nehru Yuva Kendra, VD Sharma were also present.

Talking to media persons, Yogeshwar said that players need encouragement for performing well and training is an important part.

“The support extended by RKDF is a welcome step. We need such encouragement from the people of the country as well. 2020 is my target and if I couldn’t play, I want players from my academy to represent the nation in Olympics”. He also added, “I still stick to my comment on Salman Khan. Brand ambassador should be a sports person, who knows and understand the hard work of the sportspersons.”