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Police face stone pelting by Kanjars, lob teargas shells


BHOPAL : A police party on Friday night faced stone pelting from members of Kanjar tribe while they had gone to their locality to question one of their community members regarding a case in Itwara area of Talaiya. The situation came under control after the party called more police force and lobbed teargas shells to disperse the crowd. The police, however, denied lobbing teargas shells and said the situation came under control after reinforcements arrived at the spot.

According to Talaiya TI Manishraj Bhadauria, on Friday at around 10.30 pm, a police party from Shahjahanabad police had come in the locality of Kanjar community under Talaiya police station’s jurisdiction to detain one community member for questioning in a case. When they reached the locality, it found he was not in his house after which it was about to return when the community members including women surrounded them and started pelting stones at them.

“The cops in order to save themselves, hid inside a nearby police check post. They then called reinforcements. The reinforcements reached the spot in 10 minutes, after which the mob got dispersed and the situation was brought under control. No teargas shells were fired by the police,” said Bhadauria.

“The mob had become aggressive when they came to know that the police party had come to detain one of their community members for investigations in a case. They went back only after police fired teargas shells,” sources said.